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This Blazers-Lakers game attracts serious betting odds!

This Blazers-Lakers game attracts serious betting odds!

      The NBA always provides the best live betting moments, and tomorrow is no different. There are nine games that offer interesting odds and sports betting opportunities, but there is one game that you should keep your eyes on. The Los Angeles Lakers’ young guns will try to topple the fearsome backcourt duo of the Portland Trail Blazers. It will be intriguing to find out if we will see a repeat of what happened in their last game.

Chicago Bulls @ Washington Wizards (January 11, 08:00 GMT+8)

The Bulls are still in the playoff race despite not making the most out of Rajon Rondo’s services. However, it is doubtful for Chicago will handle the Washington Wizards without Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade. If both don’t show up, count on Washington to easily win at home.

Atlanta Hawks @ Brooklyn Nets (January 11, 08:30 GMT+8)

The Hawks are actually doing quite well despite the loss of sharpshooter Kyle Korver. They’ve won six straight and should be able to easily steamroll the weak Brooklyn Nets. Their 10-point loss to Philadelphia should give the Brooklyn faithful an idea of the team’s abysmal situation. Atlanta Hawks -7.50 @ 1.91 is too good of a deal to pass up.

Boston Celtics @ Toronto Raptors (January 11, 08:30 GMT+8)

When these two teams met a month ago, Toronto won the game by seven points. The Celtics will be coming into this game with a four-win streak, albeit the teams they faced pale in comparison to Toronto’s quality. The absence of Avery Bradley might also hurt the Celtics’ chances of getting even. I think Brad Stevens and Isaiah Thomas should keep the game close, so choose Boston +4.50 @ 1.98.

Charlotte Hornets @ Houston Rockets (January 11, 09:00 GMT+8)

Nicholas Batum is an important cog in the Hornets offensive plan, so losing him to a knee injury is a big blow to Michael Jordan’s team. Winning against a strong Houston side without the Frenchman is pretty much an impossible dream for them as of the moment. Houston-9.50 @ 1.97 is not too much of a risk if we put all things into consideration.

Milwaukee Bucks @ San Antonio Spurs (January 11, 09:30 GMT+8)

Milwaukee will be having their first All-Star in a while in Giannis Antetokounmpo, but illness might keep the Greek Freak away when they visit San Antonio. Coach Popp and the rest of the Spurs should make quick work of the Bucks if Giannis is out of commission for Jason Kidd.

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Utah Jazz (January 11, 10:00 GMT+8)

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are still firing on all cylinders, and that is terrible news for Quin Snyder. However, replicating Phoenix’s efforts by making Gordon Hayward and George Hill score buckets can get them the win. I don’t think Tyronn Lue will allow that to happen again, however. It will be a close game, but I think Cleveland should be able to win by four, at least. Bet on Cavs -3.50 @ 2.01.

Miami Heat @ Golden State Warriors (January 11, 11:30 GMT+8)

It is virtually impossible for Miami to win this game against the raging offence of Golden State. What Hassan Whiteside and Goran Dragic can do, however, is keep Miami close; Sacramento was able to keep it under 15, after all. I think they can actually do that, so choose Miami +15.00 @ 2.06.

Detroit Pistons @ Sacramento Kings (January 11, 11:30 GMT+8)

The Kings avoided a big blowout by the Warriors while the Pistons narrowly stole the win from the Blazers thanks to a late three from Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. This game will be a big man clinic as DeMarcus Cousins and Andre Drummond will make some big plays for their teams. I think Detroit will be able to narrowly edge the Kings, so pick Pistons +2.50 @ 1.87.

Portland Trail Blazers @ Los Angeles Lakers (January 11, 11:30 GMT+8)

This is the most interesting match in my book. The Blazers’ last game was a bitter loss to the Pistons, one where Damian Lillard played second fiddle to CJ McCollum. Meanwhile, the Lakers devoured the Magic in a very efficient manner, with solid contributions from Julius Randle, D’Angelo Russell and Brandon Ingram. Count on Lillard to try and will his team to another victory at Staples Center. He will likely be more giving to CJ if Luke Walton zoned him out of the game. This is a pain to predict, but I’m going with my gut and choose the Lakers +1.50 @ 1.92.





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