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NBA: Ball Wizards Will Shine in Today’s Set of Thrilling Games

NBA: Ball Wizards Will Shine in Today’s Set of Thrilling Games

The modern NBA team needs a dominant ball handler to open the floor and help the team win games.

The game has evolved in such a way that it allows athletes to shine through their athleticism, ball handling, scoring, and passing abilities.

Almost every team in the league has a guard or a forward capable of leading the team with the ball in their hands, and we can be sure that these athletes will shine in the nine ball games that will be played over the weekend.

Of course, some of the NBA 2019 betting tips have already been decided even before the ball has been tipped to the air. However, the more recent seasons have seen a lot of teams improve and put up a good fight to the traditional powerhouses.

Atlanta Hawks @ Philadelphia 76ers (January 12, 07:00 GMT+8)

This game may be one-sided in favour of the Sixers, but fans who love the passing aspect of the game will be delighted to see both Trae Young and Ben Simmons make one fantastic pass after another. Both have at more than seven assists per game in the season’s midway point, and we can expect more excellent dishes from these two.

However, the Hawks don’t have an answer to either Joel Embiid and Jimmy Butler. Lloyd Price doesn’t have a capable wing and big man that can stop either man, making this game for Philly to lose.

Milwaukee Bucks @ Washington Wizards (January 12, 07:00 GMT+8)

The Wizards have all but forfeited their season after John Wall went down with a season-ending heel injury. However, the team is looking dangerous as Bradley Beal willed the team to win tough games against Philadelphia and Oklahoma City.

While these results were impressive, I just don’t see them beating the Milwaukee Bucks in any shape or form. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Eric Bledsoe are leading the team in points and assists and will not be stopped by a tepid Washington defence.

Indiana Pacers @ New York Knicks (January 12, 07:30 GMT+8)

Victor Oladipo is the face of an outstanding Indiana team, and his all-around production for the Indiana Pacers has made him an invaluable presence for the team and their playoff aspirations. He will surely dominate against a New York Knick team led by Tim Hardaway Jr. and Emmanuel Mudiay.

Brooklyn Nets @ Toronto Raptors (January 12, 07:30 GMT+8)

Toronto and their Raptors are all hung up on whether Kawhi Leonard will stay after this season, but maybe Kyle Lowry’s performance at the point this season will convince the Klaw to settle up north. His 9.6-assist output this season is a career high for him, and he will like dish out sweet passes as they face D’Angelo Russell’s Brooklyn Nets.

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Houston Rockets (January 12, 08:00 GMT+8)

The Colin Sexton experiment isn’t going so well in Cleveland, and there’s no player that has stepped up to fill the LeBron-sized hole left in the Cavaliers’ locker room. On the other hand, the Rockets have a supreme offensive talent in James Harden. The Beard is indispensable for Houston and will be a huge player for them against the Cavs.

Dallas Mavericks @ Minnesota Timberwolves (January 12, 08:00 GMT+8)

Minnesota and Dallas aren’t surprising anyone the same way the Denver Nuggets and LA Clippers have done over the season, but both teams have exciting distributors that have solicited gasps from the crowd.

Luka Doncic and Derrick Rose have been leading their respective teams with their scoring and passes. However, D Rose has the help of Jeff Teague and Karl-Anthony Towns to help him get through the Wonderboy’s Mavericks.

Los Angeles Lakers @ Utah Jazz (January 12, 10:00 GMT+8)

The Los Angeles Lakers will be playing the Utah Jazz without both LeBron James and Rajon Rondo, leaving Luke Walton with only Lonzo Ball to distribute the basketball. The second-year guard is an effective facilitator, helping the Lakers win over Dallas and Detroit.

However, I don’t think they can easily stop Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert and the Jazz. Utah just have too strong of a roster to just roll over for the Purple and Gold.

Charlotte Hornets @ Portland Trail Blazers (January 12, 10:00 GMT+8)

This game features what is probably the most exciting duel between point guards. Kemba Walker unleashes ankle breakers like nobody’s business while dropping 25 points on the regular. Meanwhile, Damian Lillard tallies 26 points and six assists a night for Portland to effectively establish himself as a superstar.

These two will be trading buckets the entire night, but the SBOBET predictions might favour the Blazers. After all, CJ McCollum has Lillard’s back.

Chicago Bulls @ Golden State Warriors (January 12, 10:00 GMT+8)

The biggest NBA 2019 news that shook the league is DeMarcus Cousins’ impending return. With the Dubs’ death lineup almost complete, the Warriors will undergo a metamorphosis that will likely see them on top again.

However, the team is still run by a certain Stephen Curry. Even if Cousins makes it back on the 18th, the team will still be about No 30. And he will definitely hog all of the attention when the Warriors host the hapless Bulls.





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