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Formats of the odds


The odds of the bookmakers may be presented in different formats (styles) depending on the region where the bets are taken.

The main formats are as follows:


Decimal (European) Format

The odds are presented in decimal numbers - whole or decimal numbers, rounded to two places after the decimal point.


For instance: 1.25; 3.40; 7.00

The odds show the sum you would receive for one bet unit in case you win.


Fractional (UK) Format

The odds are shown as simple fractions.


For instance: ¼; 12/5; 6/1

Bookmakers show the proportion of the risked sum by the bookmaker (the numerator) to the punter (the denominator). The transition from Fractional to Decimal is done by dividing the numerator by the denominator and adding 1 to the result. For instance ¼ becomes 0.25 and after adding 1 it becomes 1.25 which is the actual decimal number which corresponds to the fractional ¼.


American Format

The odds are shown as at least 3 figure numbers with a “–” or “+”.


For instance: –110; –200; +250; +500

When there is a minus in front of the number this shows how many units the punter risks to win 100 units. “–110” also means “I bet 110 to win 100”. It is equal to decimal odds of 1.909 (1.91 after we round it off). To convert to the Decimal Format, you have to take –100, divide it by the odds and add 1. When the odds are positive numbers it means the units that the punter could win for a bet of 100 units. +250 means “I will take 250 for a bet of 100 units. It is equal to the decimal odds of 3.50. To convert to the Decimal Format you have to divide the odds by 100 and add 1 to the result.


Each of the formats we discussed is to serve specific circles of clients. In these days, due to the globalization of the world, bookmakers have clients from all over the world. This brings the necessity for them to maintain all possible formats of the odds so that the punter has the opportunity to choose the format for his specific case. This choice is made either when the punter makes his registration, or later, when he changes a specific option which is usually placed on a visible place on the page of the bookmaker.


There are 3 more formats of the odds which are typical for Asian bookmakers and are used by their clients.


Hong Kong Format

This format is identical to the Fractional Format with the difference that the simple fractions are presented as decimal fractions.
For instance: ½ from the UK Format is 0.5 in the Hong Kong Format; 2/5 is 0.40 etc.


Indonesian Format

This format is identical to the American Format with the difference that all values are divided by 100. The logic behind this is that for a negative number it is shown the sum the punter has to bet to win $1, and for a positive number it is shown the profit for a $1 bet.


Malaysian Format

This format may be presented with the UK Format:
For values of the UK Format smaller than or equal to 1/1 (even), with the Malaysian Format they will be presented as decimal fractions, i. e. for this range it is identical to the Hong Kong Format. For values of the UK Format larger than 1, the Malaysian Format is presented as a negative decimal fraction reciprocal to the UK’s value. For example, 6/5 from the UK Format is 5/6 which is equal to 0.83, so it would be presented as –0.83 with the Malaysian Format.


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