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Bank transfer


Every operator has bank accounts in order to receive money from its clients. Respectively, the payment of the winnings could also be performed by transfers from the firm’s account to the players’ accounts.

Bank transfers could sometimes take a few work days which depends on the locations of the banks, which the operator and the player use. The bank transfer could be available only for some currencies and the poker room has different accounts for each currency. There are also transfer fees which may sometimes reach few dozens of dollars for a transfer. This makes the payment method inefficient for small sums of money. Some operators cover the fees and restore them in the players’ accounts. For this case the sum to be transferred has to be over a specific minimum. It also has to be taken into account that there might be some restrictions for the bank transfers. Some international transfers cannot be made with certain local currencies. What is more, in some countries there is a certain limit for the amount of money to be transferred which cannot be exceeded.


To make a bank transfer to the operator’s account,
the punter has to follow these steps:


•  To find the necessary information for the bank transfer on the website of the poker room. If there is no such information, to contact the operator’s support service.


•  If the player wants to have his transfer fee recovered, he should get information about the sum for which this service is possible.


•  To give the bank the order to transfer a certain amount of money from his account to the operator’s account.


•  To contact the poker room and give the information about the transfer. On the websites of some operator there is a specific form which the player has to fill, and with other poker rooms a contact with their support has to be made.  If possible, the player should send a document to verify the transfer in order to ease and quicken the process of identification of the transfer and the provision of credit to his account.


The operator usually waits for the actual receipt of the funds and only then does he provides credit to the player’s account. Rare as it is, there is a practice that the poker rooms give credit to their loyal clients after they have sent a document for the bank transfer.


To draw funds through a bank transfer, it is usually necessary for the player to fill a form on the poker room’s site with his bank account information. Some operators require this information to be given to his support managers. The correct information about the bank account details guarantees the quick receipt of the funds. If there is a mistake with the details, the transfer is terminated and the funds go back to the sending party (the operator). The poker room recovers the funds in the player’s account charging a fee only for the unsuccessful transfer.


Every operator has different regulations for the payment of the expenses for the bank transfer. There are operators which cover the whole cost for the transfer. They usually offer to the player a free transfer at regular intervals of time, for instance, once or twice monthly. With other poker rooms all the expenses for the transfer are paid by the players; still others offer to share the expenses or the operator offers a pricelist based on the actual bank fees. In any event, the player should make sure he is familiar with the conditions and estimate whether the bank transfer is a suitable payment method for him.



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