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Western Union is an international system of express money transfers which unites more than 200 countries and territories with approximately half a million offices offering the service. The system is an undisputed leader carrying out about 90% of the express transfers around the world. The main purpose of the system is to service transfers of funds among natural persons. Western Union guarantees not only speed but also security – the transfer reaches the exact recipient regardless of their location throughout the network established around the world. After a transfer has been made, the recipient of the amount can receive it from a random office of the system anywhere in the world within a maximum of 10 minutes. In most countries the system works with the local currency.


1. When you are sending money:

Go to the closest office of Western Union; tell them where and how much money you want to send, as well as the recipient’s names.


Present your personal identity document and the Western Union employee will fill the information about the transfer into the system and will print out a sending form.


Check the data in the form to make sure it is entered correctly into the system and sign the form. Pay in cash the amount you are sending along with the charge payable for the service.


The Western Union employee will give you a copy of the form where you will find the control number of the transfer (MTCN). Announce this number to the recipient and he or she can already withdraw the amount sent by you in any office of the system.


2. When you are receiving money:

 Go to the closest office of Western Union, present your personal identity document and tell the obligatory information to receive the transfer – control number (MTCN), the names and country of the sending person, as well as the amount of the sum expected.


The Western Union employee will check your personal identity document and the rest of the information in the system and if it is true, he or she will print out a form for receiving money.


Check the data in the form to make sure it is accurate and sign it. The employee will give you the money in cash, along with a receipt for their payment.



3. Quick pay service

Some companies are members in the Western Union system and they regularly receive payments from their customers, subscribers and partners. Upon carrying out a Quick Pay transaction in their favor, they receive a notification from Western Union by е-mail within 15 minutes, and the amount is transferred to their bank account. In this case it is not necessary for the person ordering the transfer to get in touch with the recipient in order to inform him/her of the payment ordered. Just like with ordinary money transfers in the WU system, with Quick Pay payment on behalf of the ordering person is performed in cash. All elements of the technology of accepting the payment order by the customer in Quick Pay transactions are identical with those upon ordering ordinary money transfers with WU.


To secure its activity, Western Union collects fees paid by the sending party at the moment of formulating the transfer. The charge for each transaction varies and depends on the amount of the sum, the currency, the destination of sending.


Due to security considerations Western Union places a limit on the amounts, which can be transferred by one transaction. This limit varies for different countries and currencies. If you need to transfer to your casino operator an amount exceeding the limit admissible by WU, you can make an arrangement with the casino to divide such an amount in 2 or more transactions.


Some of the rec rooms accepting WU offer their customers a compensation of the transfer charge. Compensation is performed when, upon receipt of the amount, the operator credits your account not only with that amount but also adds the charge paid by you. This, in practice, makes the transfer free of charge for the player. However, in order for it to be really free, it is necessary that you clarify two more aspects:


When you decide to send money to a rec room, you must contact him in the order established and request details of the recipient. At this point make sure that compensating the charge is still valid and is applicable for the amount you will be sending. If you contact in live chat, specify the amount you will be sending and request a confirmation for the charge compensation.


Read the operator’s rules carefully and make sure the charge compensation will not affect the decreasing of any eventual bonuses and other promotional amounts you will receive. Bear in mind that sometimes the different methods of deposition have different bonus incentives.


If you are planning to receive amounts from a rec website through WU, you should bear in mind that the attitude of the gambling operator towards the transfer charges will differ from that upon deposition. Upon the payment of profits the charge is usually at the player’s expense. That is why this method should be avoided when you wish to withdraw money.



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