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Dead heat rule


This rule is mostly used by Australian bookmakers and its application is mostly for the Australian sport leagues NRL and AFL – rugby and Australian football accordingly. Rare as it is, there are a few bookmakers who offer it for other sports.


This rule concerns situations when it is hard to determine a winner.



– The final result of an NRL or NFL match is a draw, there is no such option and the bets are accepted on a money line.
– A boxing game ends with a draw and the bets are accepted on a money line.
– On a horse race two or more horses cross the finish line at the same time.
– For various tournaments, bets on “Who will be a goal master of the tournament?” may not be directly determined. It is possible that more than one soccer players score an equal number of goals.


In the event of such cases the Dead heat rule is used to reach a fair settlement of the bets on the basis of:

– The number of draw selections.
– The odds for the punter’s selection.


The number of selections determines which part of the bet to be settled as winning and which – as a losing. For instance, if there are 3 goal masters at the end of a tournament whose results are equal, and the punter has placed his bet on one of them, then 1/3 of the bet is settled as a winning and 2/3 – a losing. In common cases, 1/N of the bet is settled as winning, whereas N is the number of the winning selections. When we have the amount of the winning bet, we multiply it by the odds for the chosen selection and get the sum for the winning.


It is easy to understand that for a line with 2 outcomes, which has led to a Dead heat, half of the bet is winning (with the respective odds), and half of it is losing.


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