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Popular types of bets on hockey



When you check the betting options for a hockey game you should be aware of the conditions for which they are offered – whether they are for the regular time (a 60-minutes game) or for the final result (any over time and penalty kicks included).


Bets on regular time

A winner of the game – 1 X 2
The predictions are made for the final result after the regular time (60 minutes). The betting options are 1 X 2 and mean:
1 – victory for the first team
X – draw
2 – victory for the second team



Double chance

This is a bet on two out of three betting options and it is a winning bet for each of the two outcomes. There are the following options:
1 X – the bet is winning if the first team wins or the result is draw;
1 2 – the bet is winning if the first or the second team win;
X 2 – the bet is winning if the second team wins or the result is draw.



Draw no bet

A bet on the victory of one of the two teams and in case the result is a draw – your money are returned to you. It is equal to an Asian handicap of “0”.



Total goals

They refer to the total number of goals which would be scored by both teams in the game. It is a value according to which bets are placed on over/under. The value is often 5.5, however, for games with higher predictions this value may be 6.5 or other. If the value is a whole number and is equal to the scored goals, then all bets on over/under are settled as “push”.




Correct score betting

The bookmaker offers a chart with the possible final results of the game. The offered results and the odds are chosen according to various specifications of hockey.



Bets on the final score (over time and penalty kicks included)



Money line

Bets on “Who will be a winner?”. The eventual over time and penalty kicks are included.


Puck line

This is a line with a 1.5 handicap which is a typical value of hockey games. The handicap for the favorite is -1.5 and for the underdog it is +1.5.




Total goals

They refer to the total amount of goals scored by both teams during the regular time and any over time and do notice that in case of penalty kicks only 1 goal is added to the total amount of goals. For instance: The final result for the regular time is 2:2, there are no goals during the over time. After the penalty kicks the result is 4:3 for one of the teams. However, when the bets on “total goals” are settled, only 1 goal is added and their total amount becomes 5.


Bets on First Period

Some bookmakers offer bets on “Winner of the first period of the game”, as well as on “Goals in the first period”. These bets are settled on the basis of the result after the first period.




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