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Live Betting


The celebrated bookmakers offer a rich program for live betting. This program includes popular events for most major sports leagues; however, it can also include local events. You should bear in mind that not all betting options for an event are active for live betting. What is more, there are events which are active for live betting only partially, that is, they are open during the time outs. The offered odd are constantly changing depending on the current result, the phase of the event and, of course, on what is actually going on the field.


Before placing a live bet you should make sure that you really have the correct information about what is going on the field. It is advisable to watch the event live. Most TV programs usually have a technical delay of about 8-10 seconds. This fact is taken into consideration by the bookmakers and as you may see the bets are not accepted at once and only after some time. If there is any change in the odds, then your bet may be accepted, in case the change is in your interest (i.e. there is an increase in the odds); or, you are asked to confirm the bet if there is a decrease in the odds.

The odds offered by bookmakers sometimes are obviously wrong. The reason for this may be a human mistake or a technical problem. All bets which are accepted for odds which happen to be wrong are cancelled, even if a mistake is discovered after the end of the event.


What is a danger zone in live betting

There are some bookmakers (mostly the Asian ones) who don’t confirm the live bets at once and only after a slight delay, depending on the situation on the field. In order to protect themselves and their clients they use the phrase “danger zone”. The definition of a danger zone can be found in every bookmaker’s terms and conditions. Generally, danger zone is a description of the actions which may lead to a change in the result of a sports event or a change in the proportion of the strength of the opposed teams.


For instance, for soccer such actions may be: a penalty shot or a corner kick, a penalty shot close to one of the goals, a clash between the players on the field and a consequent card by the judge, etc. So, the danger zone may be defined as a short phase of the game during which there is a risk of a rapid change in the course of the game. All bets, made during this phase are slowed down until the current danger zone gets cleared. If there is no change during the danger zone, the bets are confirmed for the same odds as when they were placed. If, however, there is a change in the course of the game- a goal or an ejection of a player, then all bets which are not confirmed are cancelled.


Some of the games are very intense and there could be longer danger zones and the bets may not be confirmed for 2-3 or even more minutes.


If you place your live bets with Asian bookmakers, it is advisable that you read their definition and rules for a danger zone.



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